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STW-50 | Time Warp Delay Pedal


Time Warp. Let's do it again.

If you're in need of expanding the possibilities of Delay in your sound, you're looking at the right pedal. Our STW-50 Time Warp Pedal expands on our mini delay pedals by giving you even more adjustable parameters. Not only that, but you can also run this delay in stereo. It's not limited to guitar, either. Anything at instrument-level with a 1/4" output can be run to this pedal (like keyboards, synths, electric orchestral instruments, etc.). From subtle delays to straight-up outlandish echoes, the Time Warp helps you make the effect uniquely you.


  • 11 Different Settings From Analog to Reverse Delay
  • Stereo Capability
  • Solid Metal Housing with Firm Foot Switches
  • Time Knob/Foot Switch Adjust the Speed of the Delay
  • FeedBack Knob Controls the Number of Repeats
  • Mix Knob Adjusts the Volume of the Delay
  • FX Knob Adjusts the Amount of Delay Effect


  • Dimensions: 5 L x 1.5 W x 5 H Inches
  • 9VDC Input (- center, + outside), 10 mA
  • .8 lbs (including box)
  • Solid Metal Housing on All Sides
  • 1/4 Inch Left and Right Input and Output Connectors


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