CNZ Audio

SOD-20 | Overdrive Pedal


Let's Go for a(n) (Over)Drive.

Our SOD-20 Overdrive is our take on the classic Vacuum Tube/Valve Overdrive effect. In a traditional tube amp, when you push the tubes beyond their normal limit, they begin to produce signal clipping and harmonics that go from warm to hot-driven depending on how far you want to push them. On the SOD-20, we give you a selector switch that lets you choose between Warm & Hot tube parameters. Within those parameters, you can adjust Tone, Gain, and Volume independently via the weighted knobs. Whether you want to mimic a Warm Tube drive or a Hot Tube drive, the SOD-20 can help you get there.


  • Classic Overdrive Tones
  • Natural Tube Amp Style Sounds
  • True Bypass Provides Transparent Tone in Off Setting
  • Toggle Switches Selects Hot Mode or Warm Mode
  • Level Knob Controls the Overall Pedal Volume
  • Tone Knob Adjusts the Brightness of the Pedal
  • Gain Knob Adjusts the amount of Overdrive
  • Solid Aluminum Housing with Firm Foot Switch


  • Dimensions: 3.75 L x 1.77 W x 1.9H Inches
  • 9VDC Input (- center, + outside), 10 mA
  • 520K Ohms Input Impedance
  • 12K Ohms Output Impedance
  • 8mA Working Current
  • .53 lbs (including box)
  • Solid Aluminum Housing on All Sides
  • 1/4 Inch Input and Output Connectors


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