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SCB-10 | Crush Bit Pedal


Keep It On The Lo-Fi

Whether you want your guitar to sound like it's being played through a 1980's gaming console, or you want to add some vintage synth qualities to your tone, the SCB-10 Crush Bit pedal is a great way to do it. The Crush Bit uses 2 popular types of "crushing" technology; Sample Rate Reduction and Resolution Reduction. For example, the sample rate of a standard audio CD is 44.1 kHz. That means, every second, over 44,000 snapshots of the audio signal are captured. Compare that to the popular Speak & Spell toy from the 1970's that used 8 kHz sampling. Imagining your favorite song being processed and played back through a Speak & Spell is a prime example of Sample Rate Reduction. Audio Resolution is very similar to video and photo resolution. A low-res photo looks grainy and not quite accurate. When you reduce the resolution of audio, the same thing happens. You lose some details like dynamic/volume threshold levels andtonal nuances. Sound too sciency? Plug it in and see how boopy and boppy your tone can get. If anything, you'll have a lot of fun.


    • Solid Aluminum Housing with Firm Foot Switch
    • Switch between Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass and Normal Filtering Modes
    • Mix Knob Adjusts the Ratio between Wet and Dry Signal
    • Crush Knob Adjusts the Amount of Audio Resolution Reduction
    • Filter Knob Adjusts the Range of Bit Depth Reduction
    • True Bypass Circuitry to Allow for Transparent Tone Pass-Through when Pedal is Off


    • Dimensions: 3.75 L x 1.77 W x 1.9H Inches
    • 9VDC Input (- center, + outside), 10 mA
    • 470K Ohms Input Impedance
    • 470 Ohms Output Impedance
    • .53 lbs (including box)
    • Solid Aluminum Housing on All Sides
    • 1/4 Inch Input and Output Connectors


    Detailed Operation

    The Crush Bit Guitar Effects Pedal from CNZ Audio provides some great classic sine wave bit crushing effects. Using the triple Toggle switch located at the top of the pedal, you can change between three different settings. Each setting has a different frequency range, choosing between high, mid and low. There is a broad range of bit crushing sounds between these settings.

    The Mix knob allows you to adjust the amount of pressure effect in your sound. Increasing the mix will bring out more of the effect and more distortion while decreasing will create less effect.

    The Filter knob controls the amount of distortion coming from the pedal. Like a regular filter, it filters the crush effect. Increasing the filter will dampen the sound while decreasing the filter will intensify the effect. This makes this pedal very customizable.

    The Crush knob allows you to adjust the tone of the Crush effect. Increasing the crush knob gives the pedal a lot of high end gain and decreasing it will make your distortion very dark. Using this knob you can create all different types of sound along with the other knobs.

    This model comes with a stomp switch that allows you to switch between a fixed and mix mode. In the Green Mode you can adjust any switch settings you desire. Pressing the stomp switch twice switches to Red Mode and will return it to the last settings you had. Using both of these options you can create multiple different Crush effects to switch between with a simple stomp of your foot. Inspire Your Music!

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