CNZ Audio

SPH-20 | Phaser Pedal


"Stun" Setting Not Included

Like many Modulation effects, Phasers split your audio into 2 matching copies. The Phaser takes those copies and smashes them back together. This smashing of signal creates notches in the output signal which means some frequencies cancel out. Have you ever criss-crossed your speaker wires, or maybe didn't plug your headphones in all the way? It's kind of like that. The notching sweeps or "shifts" back and forth through the entire frequency band present in your signal. On the SPH-20 Phaser, you can adjust the speed of that Phase Shifting using the single Speed Knob on the all-metal enclosure. The 2-way toggle switch lets you choose between a Vintage and Modern phase settings. The controls are simple, but the output is extremely versatile.


  • Brilliant Phaser Modulation Effects
  • Dynamic Tone Bending & Wave Shifting Tones
  • Vintage & Modern Toggle Settings
  • Vintage Green Phaser/Ray Gun Graphics Metalic Silver
  • True Bypass Provides Transparent Tone in Off Setting
  • The Speed Knob Adjusts the Modulation Speed or Intensity
  • Weighted Knob & Short Toggle Switch
  • Solid Aluminum Housing with Firm Foot Switch


  • Dimensions: 3.75 L x 1.77 W x 1.9H Inches
  • 9VDC Input (- center, + outside), 10 mA
  • 470K Ohms Input Impedance
  • 470 Ohms Output Impedance
  • .53 lbs (including box)
  • Solid Aluminum Housing on All Sides
  • 1/4 Inch Input and Output Connectors

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