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Woven Black White Series | Pancake Patch Cables


Premium Patch Cable, Low-Profile Pancake Right-Angle, Black/White Woven

CNZ Audio Premium Professional Grade Guitar & Effects Pedal Cables are designed at every level to maintain the sound from your instrument to your amp or speaker.  By minimizing the resistance and capacitance and maximizing conductivity and ultimately signal transparency, we are able to create the supreme instrument cable. The CNZ Audio cables will transport your sound flawlessly from one end of the cable to the other and bring a new level of clarity & richness to enhance your music. The Patch cables are engineered for great sound and tone. The 20 AWG, Oxygen Free Copper Wire provides 160% more than 24 AWG to maximize conductivity & signal clarity. PVC Insulation separates the wire & the 95% Braided Shielding to block unwanted interference, with another PVC Layer & a Black and White Woven jacket. The cable has capacitance of .61 pf (picofarad per foot), improving the electrical conductivity and signal strength without distorting the sound. The Right-Angle Pancake style, Low-Profile connectors have tarnish proof, 24K Gold Tips and Barrels to minimize electrical loss at each connection. The connector clamps onto the shrink tube over the wire insulation to create a stress-free solder joint. This is great for effects pedal jumper cables that run short distances with tight angles and small spaces between pedals.


  • Professional B/W Woven Patch
  • Transparent tone from Instrument to Amp
  • Engineered to Maximize Signal Throughput
  • Low-Profile Connectors for Tight Spaces
  • Robust Connector & Cable for Longevity
  • Enrich Your Music, Tone & Clarity
  • Gold Connectors for Ultimate Conductivity


  • 1/4 Inch Connectors
  • 6 or 12 Inches in Length
  • Low-Profile Right-Angle Connectors
  • 6.5mm in Diameter Cable
  • 20 Gauge Oxygen Free Copper Wire
  • 95% Braided Copper Shield
  • Gold Termination
  • Shrink Wrap Strain Relief
  • Woven Outer Jacket

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