CNZ Audio

VRB | Reverb Pedal


Mellow Reverb Tones with Spring, Hall & Shimmer Settings

Reverb falls into a broad range of categories, sounds, and tones.  The CNZ Audio pulls a variety of reverberation tones in a mini pedal to broaden your tone and your musical horizons!  The Spring, Hall and Shimmer switch settings in this Multiverb allow you to traverse through a variety of reverb settings. The Mix, Tone & Decay settings dials give you control to fine tune the ambiance to express the mood you want to reflect through your music.  Whether you are filling a room from the stage or creating the background for your next studio EP, you will find what you are looking for here.  Pull a heavy or light mix into your amp with a broad range of decay and tone options to bring your guitar alive.


  • Spring, Hall & Shimmer Toggle Switch Settings
  • Mix Knob Controls Amount of Reverb in the Mix
  • Tone Adjustment Knob Controls Post Reverb
  • Decay Knob Adjusts Length of Reverb Effect
  • Pure White with Classic Blue Graphics
  • Solid Aluminum Housing with Firm Foot Switch
  • Weighted Control Knobs with Indicator
  • Red LED for On/Off Indication


  • Dimensions: 3.75 L x 1.77 W x 1.9H Inches
  • 9VDC Input (- center, + outside), 10 mA
  • 470K Ohms Input Impedance
  • 470 Ohms Output Impedance
  • .53 lbs (including box)
  • Solid Aluminum Housing on All Sides
  • 1/4 Inch Input and Output Connectors


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