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SAC-20 | AC Stage Pedal


It's the Quickest Guitar Swap You'll Ever Witness.

    If you've ever tried switching from an electric to an acoustic mid-song... you know how cumbersome it can be. Or maybe, your whole set is electric, but one song needs an acoustic tone. That's where our SAC-20 AC Stage pedal comes in. It takes your electric and sonically molds it to sound like an acoustic. It's not magic, it's really just a series of well-calibrated EQ circuits, parameters, and notch filters. We put all of that in one box so you can quickly and accurately dial-in the acoustic tone you want. You can also run this with your actual acoustic guitar (with 1/4" output) to modify its already acoustic tone. The 3-way toggle switch allows you to set the base of your tone by flipping between Piezo (pickup), Standard (body size), and Jumbo (body size) tonal families. Then use the Volume, Top, and Body knobs to swirl and swoop around the sonic spectrum until you find your perfect tone.


    • Makes Electric Guitar Sound Acoustic
    • And Enhances and Modifies Sound for Acoustic
    • True Bypass Provides Transparent Tone in Off Setting
    • Toggle Selectable Piezo, Standard & Jumbo
    • Volume, Top, and Body Knobs Allow You to Dial-In Desired Tone
    • Solid Aluminum Housing with Firm Foot Switch


    • Dimensions: 3.75 L x 1.77 W x 1.9H Inches
    • 9VDC Input (- center, + outside), 10 mA
    • 470K Ohms Input Impedance
    • 470 Ohms Output Impedance
    • .53 lbs (including box)
    • Solid Aluminum Housing on All Sides
    • 1/4 Inch Input and Output Connectors


    Detailed Operation

    The Acoustic AC Stage Guitar Effects Pedal from CNZ Audio takes your electric guitar and turns it into the sound of an acoustic guitar. It can also enhance the output of your acoustic guitar to dynamically broaden your tone and fill your music.

    The Toggle switch allows for a choice between 3 different settings for your acoustic or electric guitar. Piezo, having a bit less body and more treble, standard, having a basic great acoustic sound, and jumbo, giving a very full, deep tone. All 3 choices are great for different genres and effects for any player.

    The Volume knob simply allows for the output from this pedal to be easily changed by the user.

    The Body knob, similar to a tone knob, allows for change in the overall fullness or tone of the guitar effect. Adding more body will make a louder, warmer and fuller tone while taking away some body will make great for picking and treble sounds.

    The Top knob changes the EQ of the pedal. Adding more “top” by turning clockwise will engage more treble and mid range sounds while turning it counterclockwise will allow for more low end sounds.

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