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PS9-1 | Power Supply


Simple Pedal Power Supply

Sometimes power-supplies can be a pain. Some mount funny. Others need to be under your board and aren't easy to get to. Our POW-2A Pedal Pow sits right on your board like any mini pedal. The included 12V wall-plug runs to the Pedal Pow, and with it, you can power up to 8 pedals. We provide you with 8 cables (one for each power output) and an additional 2 polarity-switching cables for any oddball pedals you may need to power-up. Add it to your board like a regular pedal, and make pedal power distribution a breeze.


CNZ Audio PS9-1 Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply

The CNZ Single Output Power Supply provides 1 Amp, 9 Volt DC to power up a single guitar effects pedal.  It is a  Wall Mount Power Supply with a 56 inch cable to a single connector to supply power to a standard polarity effects pedal.  The polarity of the connector is Negative Center & Positive Outside Barrel.  

The power supply is tested to by Underwriter's Laboratory and is UL Listed to meet all North American Electrical Standards.  The 1 Amp power at 9 VDC should power most any effects pedal or other musical instrument product.  

Input:    100-240 VAC, 60 Hz, 6.5 Watts (The connector fits a 120 VAC Outlet)
Output: 9 VDC 1000 mA (1 Amp) Max


  • 1 Output, 9VDC Power Supply Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Red LED for Power Input
  • 110VAC Wall Outlet bring 9VDC to your pedal
  • 1 Amp Power Supply
  • 59 inch cable

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