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UKB-MAH-ER | Bass Ukulele


CNZ Audio Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele (Baritone Size) | Mahogany Top & Body

The CNZ Audio UKB MAH Ukulele Bass by CNZ Audio is part of our Baritone Size Ukulele Collection. These Ukulele Basses combines a Transportation-Friendly Instrument with Thick and Rich Acoustic Bass tones. Crafted out of Mahogany Top, Back and Sides, this Four-String Ukulele Bass has a Unique and Inspiring Sound. These Tone-woods allow the UKB MAH to project it’s Rich Sound even in an unplugged setting.

This Superb, Full Featured Electronics Package transports the Ukuleles Incredible Tone to an amp, sound system or home studio. The On-board Preamp includes a Tuner, Volume Knob, Equalizer, and a Phase Control. Give a New Direction to your amplified sound! The Baritone Style body has no trouble reproducing that Classic, Deep Bass Feel and Sound that you would expect from any other normal-sized bass.

This body style is incredibly easy and comfortable to play, as the shape fits snugly into the arms of the Player. Because this little Ukulele Bass uses standard bass tuning, you won’t need to take the extra time to adjust to Ukulele tuning! With a Unique Sound, Style and High-Quality build materials, this Uke Bass is sure to Inspire your Music!



  • Acoustic Electric Baritone Bass Ukulele
  • Mahogany Top, Back & Sides
  • Modern Profile Okume Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge*
  • Pristine Natural Matte Finish
  • Electric Preamp, EQ & Tuner
  • Open Die-cast Machined Tuning Heads
  • *Or Artificial Rosewood made from resin impregnated hardwood to keep the same look & feel


  • 15″ (382mm) Neck Scale Length
  • 16 Frets
  • Baritone Style Body
  • Rosewood Bridge*
  • Single Ring Rosette
  • Premium Aquila Ukulele Bass Strings

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