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PP-C5 | Pedalboard Case


5 Mini Pedalboard Case

The CNZ Audio Mini Guitar Effects Pedalboard Case 5 is an Aluminum Travel Case that protects 5 Mini Guitar Effects Pedals as you transport them from gig to gig. The case has a polycarbonate base with hard foam supports to hold the pedals in place. As the case opens, the lid can be removed completely at the hinge and the base can be used as your pedalboard while you play. Just slide the hinge back on and secure the latches and you are ready to go.
5 Power Supply Connectors are located at the top of each pedal location to connect to the pedal and supply the required 9VDC. The cables are long enough to pull out to make the connection and then slide the excess cable back under the base. A 9VDC Wall Mount Power Adapter is supplied with the PedalPad Case to bring power from a 120 VAC wall outlet.
The Case is constructed with a sturdy aluminum frame and hard plastic sides with a super cool CNZ Audio logo Laser Etched into the sides. The case will keep your pedals safely stored inside along with your cables. Simply place the case on the floor, open the cover, plug in your power supply, guitar and amp and you are ready to start jamming!

Pedalboard Case Features

  • Easily Store and Protect up to 5 Mini Pedals
  • Power Supply Provides Power to 5 Pedals
  • Removable Lid for Easy Pedal Accessibility
  • Sturdy Aluminum Case and Hard Plastic Sides

    Product Details

    • Dimensions: 16 L x 5 W x 8 H Inches
    • Power Supply with 5 9VDC Outputs
    • 5 Connector Cables
    • Two Prong Plug for Standard 120VAC US Outlet
    • 1.2 pounds


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