Tuning your Super Snare, Super Bass, & GFX Cajons

The Super Snare, Super Bass, & GFX Cajons have 21 Fixed Coiled Snare Wires to provide a glorious sizzle snare tone. There is a foam piece in the snare pack hole located inside the bottom front of the cajon. Movement of this foam during shipping can create a buzz or rattle. The foam must cover all wires to avoid rattling. Press more foam toward the wires to ensure they are all covered to eliminate the rattle. Adjust, Test, and Repeat until you have the perfect tone for
your liking. All Super Snare Cajons (SO101) have the ability to add a second
brick of 21 snare wires after purchase.


Tuning your Vintage Crate, Solid, & Electric Cajons

The Vintage Crate, Solid, & Electric Cajons have adjustable snare wires that can be adjusted to your desired sizzle. Shipping and changes in humidity may require tuning your snares on arrival. An allen wrench is included inside the sound hole and located on the center brace against the face of the cajon. The VC series has 2 adjustable allen screws under the face of the cajon & the Solid & Electric Cajons have 3 adjustment screws on the top of the face. The wires should have a little bit of play, but too loose or too tight will make the snare rattle or non-existent. Make sure the left and the right side of each set is even. If not, loosen the screw, rotate the wire by hand to be even on both sides, then tighten to desired tone.


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