Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Guitarists

We’ve all been there, you procrastinated at buying all of your Christmas gifts, and now your just a week away without any clue of what to get for your favorite musician. To someone who doesn’t know anything about guitars, the task of finding a great gift seems impossible. You may have no idea where to look, or what to even look for. Well we have your back! Let this be your guide to the perfect guitar gift.





Who doesn’t want a strap? Straps are a great accessory to any guitar player’s instrument. The awesome thing about a strap is that there are so many options, and in this case, that's a good thing. Look for a strap in a style that you think the person will like. There are tons of brands that offer a range from inexpensive straps to super unique designs and patterns. We have some amazing leather straps that we are super proud of as well. Getting a strap would personally be one of our favorite things to get.




Every guitarist needs them, but most put off getting one. Guitar cables are a piece often overlooked by most, except when they break. The good news is you don’t have to get super picky here. Aside from technical mumbo jumbo that we can skip, it comes down to length, quality parts, and color. Really, just get a strap the fits your budget of the gift, that you think your guitar-playing friend will like the look of. There aren’t too many ways to go wrong here, and your guitarist will appreciate having a spare cable around.




Maybe you’re a free thinker and like tp think outside of the box? Well we like your style. A Cajon could be an awesome addition to their collection of musical instruments. Sure its not a guitar, but it could be the perfect way to allow your musician to be inspired by new instruments that have a relatively low learning curve. Plus we think canons look beautiful, and who doesn’t love good looking, high quality instruments. We have a ton of canons over on our site if you want to check some out!




Similar to thinking outside of the box, maybe you want to give your guitar player a similar gift that also shows your creative gift giving skills. A ukulele, we believe, could be just that gift. It will be familiar enough of an instrument where it is easy to pick up and play, but also offers a chance for them to learn something new, try out different genres of music, and just have ton of fun. Ukulele’s are also pretty affordable, while still getting great quality and craftsmanship for that price. We love our ukuleles and definitely think this would be an amazing gift to get!



This is probably the hardest thing to get a guitar player because there are just so many options, but will probably give you the best reaction from any guitar player. Pedals can range from $30, all the way up to $500 or more. Our suggestion would be to set a max budget for the gift, and then some reputable guitar companies like Reverb, Guitar Center, or ourselves. Once you find a few pedals that are in your price range, pick the one that looks the nicest to you. You may have no idea what the pedal does, what the name means, or even why your guitar player would want that, but that’s the fun of it. Guitar players love to mess around with any effect, so it can be especially exciting to receive a pedal from a company that they have never heard of. There are too many companies to suggest, but just have fun with this one. Understand that you know nothing about it, and just pick something that looks interesting. Your guitar player will thank you later.


We hope this helps make Christmas shopping for your favorite guitar player easier! Now get out there and be the king of all gift givers!